10 Tips for kombucha brewing

by Liang Cha

  1. Do not touch your scoby with your bare hands. Wear disponsible gloves or use a tong. You don’t want to introduce the nasty into your brew.
  2. Filter your tea before the 2nd fermentation to remove the excessive yeast. This makes the bottle less explosive and funky.
  3. Stir your brew to introduce oxygen into the brew. Fermentation requires oxygen, stirring helps to introduce the required oxygen below your scoby.
  4. Use sufficient sugar for your sweet tea. Don’t worry about the sugar level, the sugar will be consumed by the yeast/bacteria in your brew.
  5. To speed up the cooling of your sweet tea, you can add cold water or ice. I will usually do a 50/50 ratio. 50% hot sweet tea with 50% ice cold water
  6. Bruise your botanicals before you throw it in for fermentation. This helps to bring out the flavours of the botanicals and increase the surface area for infusion.
  7. Juice or blend your fruits for the same reason as the above.
  8. Chill your kombucha sufficiently before opening to avoid ‘champagne-like’ mess
  9. Avoid putting your kombucha jar under direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will kill the bacteria in your scoby.
  10. Do not experiment with flavours using your first ferment. Always have a backup in case anything screws up.